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Support/ Approach

That is one of the things that clients love about SnP; there is no consultant-speak and 4 quadrant methodologies to have to wade through as a client.

We arrange an initial meeting to understand your situation, challenges, your plans, your dreams and your timeframes. We then distill this down to develop a proposal with a fully-costed approach and plan. We then work with you to tune this proposal as required to meet your needs while maintaining the integrity of our methodologies.

Below are some snippets of how SnP have added value, at various stages of a payroll/ HRIS project:

Needs analysis: SnP conducted seven reviews, just in the last 12 months, from clients in manufacturing, finance, marketing and distribution, textiles, and health care. Very specific questions have been compiled and are used to tease out your unique requirements (current, future and latent) across each functional area of the business (finance, IT, payroll, HR and operations).

Getting to a short-list: Because SnP have already reviewed and in some cases implemented most of the popular payroll-related systems currently available in Australia . you don't have to fund a wholesale market research project to feel comfortable that you have an appropriate short-list

Demonstrations: All payroll systems will pay people so what are we really looking for when we invest our time in a software demonstration? What it looks like? To see if it crashes? How easy it is to use? What processes and controls are inherent to make life easier and reduce mistakes? In reality as a company you will be considering all these issues and more. SnP has developed a unique skill in crafting presentation scripts to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each product across your key requirements.

The decision making process: Assuming that all the systems vary across all these variables; how do we decide as a group (finance, Payroll, HR, operations, IT) which is the most appropriate system for the $$s that we have available? SnP has developed its own decision making workshop process drawing on the work of Edward de Bono and other contemporary thinkers. SnP has also developed a suite of additional evaluation options which can be used to augment the information gathered during the review stage so that you are comfortable with the product, the company, the support levels, the development rate of the product and the people you are dealing with.

The contract: Having been through the negotiation process a number of times SnP can assist with ideas on contract conditions relating to support levels, performance levels, pricing arrangements. Advice provided has be borne from first-hand implementation experience.

The implementation: SnP is typically implementing one to two systems at any one point in time, drawing on this experience SnP can save you a lot of face and money during this delicate stage. SnP can be there to provide advice and recommendations, fill resourcing gaps, and help control the costs.

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