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CSR look to build a future-proof payroll/ HRIS platform. Read more.

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White papers

Snp Consulting make regular contributions to The Association of Payroll Specialists' (TAPS) Journal. Please make use of these articles and if we can of any further assistance please call.






How to chose a payroll system: a presentation delivered on 26th May 2006 for TAPS. The presentation provides an overview of the selection process, some developments in payroll technology and an overview of rostering and T&A systems. Presentation (PDF,237 KB)
Series One - Future-proof and Time-efficient ways to choose a new payroll/HR System: this is a three part series providing from innovative ideas: on gathering requirements; building requirements documents; and developing a evaluation process.
In this three part series you will be given an overview of a typical review process and some innovative ideas for wording your requirements documents. Part one (PDF, 116 KB)

The requirements gathering journey continues as you move through the Finance and Operational areas of the business. Part two (PDF, 105 KB)

In the final installment different evaluation tools are discussed and a sample evaluation process process proposed. Part three (PDF, 93 KB)

Series Two - Implementing a new payroll/HR system: This three part series provides some tried and tested guidelines for successfully implementing a new payroll system.

The first article discusses six steps for planning to make sure you project has every chance of being a success. Part one (PDF, 38 KB)

Part two of this series discusses the challenges of configuration: how do you decide on the configuration with limited knowledge of what the system can do and the impacts of each configuration decision? Part Two (PDF,39 KB)

This will see you fit and ready to roll out self service to both managers and employees. Useful tips are provided together with implementation pitfalls to avoid. Part three (PDF, 43 KB)

Series Three - Building a compelling business case: this is a two part series on developing a business case which will give you the results you are seeking.
The first article provides some template structures which you can use to adopt to your organisation. The first section of a business case are discussed including the executive summary, the introduction and the current situation. Part one (PDF, 43 KB)

Part two provides some ideas from completing the remaining section of the business case including: the vision of the future; the SWOT analysis; presenting the benefits; the critical assumptions and the recommendation.Part two (PDF 46 KB)

Series Four - Decision making techniques: So now that you have collected all the information of all the systems in your review how do you get to everyone to agree which is the most appropriate system. These two articles will provide you with some ideas on how to make group decisions.

The first article provides a crash course on group dynamics and introduces the first three of Edward de Bono's six hats. Part one (PDF, 56 KB)

The second article discusses the last three hats of Edward de Bono and how to use these to help your organisation come to a final decision on which system will be the preferred system. Part two (PDF, 30 KB)


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